Welcome to the Open Website

By Bloomberg | Feb 1, 2012 9:00 AM UTC

Welcome to the launch of the Open Bloomberg website. This site will serve as the home for Bloomberg L.P.’s open-license and open-source software, data, documentation, and announcements.

As of the site’s launch, two open-license products are being highlighted. The Open Symbology (BSYM) open-license data product was first released in 2009. It delivers unique unencumbered identifiers for the world’s financial instruments. The goal of the Open Symbology effort is to save customers money by allowing them to adopt the BSYM identifiers without worrying about being locked into a proprietary technology. By releasing the data open-licensed, any firm or software package can freely support the identifiers as no cost, increasing interoperability.

The Open API SDK, being announced here for the first time under an open-license, is Bloomberg’s mature software interface to its market and reference data. The goal of releasing the open-license SDK is to two-fold. First, third-party developers┬ámay freely integrate support for Bloomberg’s data feeds and ship the SDK with their products. Second, firms building products around the SDK interfaces are not locked into a proprietary product.

These are just first steps. Check back on this space or follow our RSS feed to stay informed of future announcements!