Bloomberg's Open Market Data Initiative is part of the company's ongoing effort to foster open solutions for the financial services industry


Open Source – BDE Development Environment

BDE (BDE Development Environment) is a set of C++ software libraries as well as development tools and methodology. Originally developed at Bloomberg L.P., BDE is intended to form the foundation for large scale C++ software products. BSL (BDE Standard Library), the lowest level BDE library, provides implementations for portions of the C++ standard library, particularly […]

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Open API

Now, you can adopt Bloomberg’s market data interfaces without cost or restriction. The widely used Bloomberg API, with its proven and comprehensive interface, supports publish/subscribe and request/response paradigms, as well as authorization and entitlements. Bloomberg intends to work with its customers and the open community to further enhance and extend this powerful technology for financial applications.

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Open Symbology

Access Bloomberg’s Open Symbology (BSYM), a flexible and open system for identifying securities across all global asset classes. The BSYM identifiers are available free of charge with no material impediments on use. The identifiers can be used for research, trading and mapping. And Bloomberg will continue to update, build and administer the BSYM identifiers to ensure their accuracy and effectiveness.

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